Amk Fundamentals First-Aid Kit



Quickly administer first aid with Adventure Medical's well-organized and popular first aid kit. Holds enough supplies for an extended adventure. Excellent value for a package so loaded with supplies. Supplies one person for a two-week adventure or a group of eight for up to two days. Contents are organized by injury for quicker access supplies. EZ Care System for treating specific types of injuries. Bleeding/CPR: CPR Filtershield, sterile trauma pads, nitrile examination gloves, antimicrobial hand wipes, and bio-hazard waste bag. Medication/Instruments: digital thermometer, EMT shears, splinter-picker tweezers, duct tape, safety pins, pain relievers, antihistamine, and user manual. Wound/Burn/Blister care: sterile dressings, bandages, wound-cleansing irrigation syringe, povidone iodine solution, ticture of benzoin, antibacterial ointment, moleskin, aloe vera gel, and more. Fracture/Sprain: splint, elastic bandage, triangle bandage, and Motrin.

Amk Fundamentals First-Aid Kit Review

Great first aid kits for the price. Came quickly and in good condition. Thanks ADVENTURE MEDICAL KITS for another good product.