Chattanooga E-1 Stationary Hydrocollator



Chattanooga E-1 Stationary Hydrocollator Heating Unit Since 1947 the Hydrocollator Heating Units and Moist Heat HotPacs have been the first choice of therapists worldwide. Chattanooga E-1 Stationary Hydrocollator Heating Units are known to last for years of use and our HotPacs can be used hundreds of times to provide up to 30 minutes of deep soothing moist heat for the relief of pain due to strained ligaments and muscle spasms. Comes with 4 Standard HotPacs Also available in combo HotPacs High quality stainless steel Thermostatically controlled temperature No plumbing required UL listed and cUL listed (120 Volt) Total Capacity: 4 gal (43 L) Temperature range: 160 - 165 (71 - 74C) Heat up time to 160 (71) : 2 Hrs Indications Increase local blood flow Decrease Pain Alleviate Muscle Spasm Increase Joint Range of Motion Increase metabolic activity Goals Continuous heat therapy Speed healing Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease pain symptoms Improve joint function Improve quality of life Support Level This brace is rated Professional Click here for Rating Information: - Chattanooga Group 2102-X

Chattanooga E-1 Stationary Hydrocollator Review

I had previously bought the stationery at The Braceshop. I loved Chattanooga E-1 Stationary Hydrocollator! I look forward to purchasing Chattanooga Group stationery in even more colors.