Compact Cube Universal Travel Adaptor - Black



The Compact Cube Universal Travel Adaptor from Monoprice ensures that you can plug any device into any power socket.This is a blade adaptor in that it allows you to adapt the plug blades of any device to that of the local power wall socket. The face of the adaptor accommodates two- and three-bladed power plugs from the US, UK, EU, Australia, and China. The opposite end has four sets of plug blades corresponding to the four different accepted types (Australia and China use the same plug design) . Simply push forward on one of the slides to extend the appropriate plug for the wall socket.This adapter is not UL certified because UL will not certify devices with international power plugs. However, it is CE certified, which is the EU equivalent of a UL certificate. The adaptor is rated for 8 amps and can handle 830 watts of power (at 110 VAC) or 1750 watts (at 230 VAC) .This adaptor will work with the following plug/socket types:NEMA 1-15 (US) CEE 7/16 Europlug (EU) BS 1363 (UK) AS/NZS 3112 (Australia, New Zealand, China) Note that this adaptor does not convert voltage levels. It simply adapts the plug blades of one type to that of another type. Warning: Do not use with devices requiring a ground/earth connection. Unplug the adaptor when not in use.

Compact Cube Universal Travel Adaptor - Black Review

I bought Compact Cube Universal Travel Adaptor - Black for my sister and now I have to buy one for me!