Day and NightA (R) 318518-762 Humidifier Replacement Filter (without distribution tray)



318518-762 Day and NightA (R) Humidifier Replacement Evaporator Pad (without distribution tray) This Evaporator Pad fits Day and NightA (R) humidifier models: 49BP, 49FP, 49SBG/912E, 912C, 912E, 912F, 913C, HUMBBSBP17-A, HUMBBSBP2017, HUMCCSBP17-A, HUMCCSBP2017 and P110-SBP2017A The Water Evaporator Pad is the component that generates the important humidity to keep you comfortable during the heating season Reuse your current distribution tray! Measures approximately 11 1/2"""" x 10 7/8"""" x 1 3/4"""" Honeycomb filtration to trap mineral pollutants found in water and help prevent them from entering your home This is an aftermarket filter not made by Day and NightA (R) The purpose of owning a Day and NightA (R) humidifier is to keep your household free from wintertime dryness, caused by furnaces or other heating appliances. Dry air causes general discomfort and will even irritate allerigies and breathing conditions. Humidifiers release that much needed moisture back into the air. To keep your humidifier working efficiently the evaporator pad needs to be changed 2 or more times during the season. This pad does not include the distribution tray; however, you old tray can be reused!.

Day and NightA (R) 318518-762 Humidifier Replacement Filter (without distribution tray) Review

I have several replacement filters from and they are great:) Trust me!