Eureka DCF-16 Vacuum Filters



Eureka DCF-16 Filter (2 Pack) Fits Eureka 2950, 2960, and 2990 series. Includes 2 filters per package. Should be changed every 3-4 months. This Eureka DCF-16 Filter fits Eureka 2950, 2960, and 2990 series. 3M Filtrete vacuum filters help capture dust mites, grass and ragweed pollen. For optimum performance, it is suggested to change your filter every 3-4 months! This vacuum filter retains dust and other particulates from the air while you vacuum, making the air in your home or business cleaner and more breathable. Purchase a pack for your vacuum cleaner today!

Eureka DCF-16 Vacuum Filters Review

I was looking for a stylish upright filters for my brother. So I came across this Eureka DCF-16 Vacuum Filters, its very affordable and looks good . Once I received it I pulled it out to look at it and it is so beautiful and sparkles.