FLA Therall Arthritis Gloves



FLA Therall Arthritis Gloves The NEW FLA Therall Arthritis Gloves provide light compression for comfortable support. The unique material retains the body's natural heat to provide soothing, therapeutic warmth and long-lasting pain relief to aching wrists, fingers and hands. The FLA Therall Arthritis Gloves have a soft lining that wicks away moisture to keep hands dry. Sold as a pair (2) Retains body heat to provide soothing warmth to aching fingers and hands Provides comfortable light compression Promotes healing by increasing circulation around tender joints Improves finger, hand and wrist mobility Fits left or right wrist Contains Neoprene Indications FLA Therall Arthritis Gloves are ideal for arthritis, aching fingers, wrist/hand pain and discomfort, overuse or repetitive use injuries and muscle strains. Goals Therapeutic heat Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease hand pain symptoms Low profile wrist support Improve hand mobility Support Level This brace is rated Level II Click here for Rating Information: - FLA Orthopedic Braces 53-350X

FLA Therall Arthritis Gloves Review

I red all review of FLA Therall Arthritis Gloves, before my purchase and I was not sure, but FLA Orthopedic Braces products are very good!