Heinie Slantpro Sight Set For Glock



Gives a sharp, glare-free, easy-to-see sight picture without extra weight or bulk. Strong, compact, one-piece rear and serrated-ramp front sights replace the factory sights with no modifications required. Ultra-low mounted; has no sharp edges to snag on clothing or holsters. Locking, rear sight is drift adjustable for windage. Mfg: Heinie SPECS: Steel, black, matte finish. Rear - Serrated blade, .700"" (17mm) wide, .250"" (6.5mm) high, .119"" (3mm) wide notch. Front - Semi-ramp .125"" wide, .216"" (5.5mm) or .250"" (6.3mm) high. Fits all models and calibers of Glock pistols. Combo includes .216"" high f

Heinie Slantpro Sight Set For Glock Review

I had better sights, but this are more practical.