Mizuno MVP Prime SE RoyalRed GMVP1250PSEF4 12.5 Fastpitch Softball Glove



The MVP Prime SE line from Mizuno is back for the player that prefers not only quality; but flashy looks on the field. These gloves are designed to give the player a custom feel and look to his/her glove; without paying the custom glove price. Style; affordability and; most importantly; excellence are all grouped together in this line from Mizuno. With the MVP Prime SE; it will be tough to go unnoticed when out on the field. The GMVP1250PSEF4 is 12.5" in length and designed for the super-utility player; whether it's running down fly balls in center field; backhanding ropes down the third base line; or fielding a bunt back to the rubber; the GMVP1250PSEF4 's closed Trident web is designed to do it all. This glove will also feature a center-pocket design; which will add to the already consistent feel when fielding and transitioning. The shell; palm and web are composed of Mizuno's Bio Soft Leather in a variety of different colors. This leather is soft and durable with an exceptional feel. The centralized pocket will keep the glove stable in the field; while the pliable leather will break-in rather easily. The leather in the web will contrast the colors on the shell and palm; while the lacing throughout the glove is two-toned to bring it all-together. With seven different color options for the GMVP1250PSEF4; the difficult decision is not necessarily choosing an MVP Prime SE glove; but selecting which color you like best. The hand opening features a Velcro fit; providing a secure and snug fit - keeping the glove in place; even during the toughest plays. Taking a look inside; the palm is lined with Mizuno's UltraSoft Palm lining; for a soft feel and durability. The Plus Grip Thumb provides users a padded thumb slot for comfort and extra protection on those sharp line drives. The MVP Prime SE line will arrive soft and just about ready to hit the field. The player should have a pretty minimal break-in period; which means less time working it in and more time sh

Mizuno MVP Prime SE RoyalRed GMVP1250PSEF4 12.5 Fastpitch Softball Glove Review

When I saw this at Homerun Monkey , I was very pleased. Mizuno Mizuno MVP Prime SE RoyalRed GMVP1250PSEF4 12.5 Fastpitch Softball Glove is wonderful! I will buy one more for my girlfriend.