Outdoor Snakes & Ladders Game



The oversized version of an incredibly fun game to play in your backyard, or take along to the beach or the park! Each set comes with four wooden playing discs, dice and a soft natural carry bag, plus riveted corner tie-downs. The canvas board features a circular route (as opposed to the side-to-side game route which became more common in later years) . Snakes and Ladders is a must for any family wanting to own a piece of Jaques history and re-live a bygone era, besides being one of the most fun games you will play with your children or grandchildren! Giant size: 55L x 55W x 0.125H Magnum size: 35.5L x 35.5W x 0.125H

Outdoor Snakes & Ladders Game Review

I've bought this Outdoor Snakes & Ladders Game for my mom. It's great gift for just 99.99.