Petite & Perfect by BT Classic



Imagine a wig that's as light as air and feels like it's barely there! BT Classic Aire-Lite styles are almost half the weight of a normal wig and many weigh less than 3 ounces. No one will guess it's not your own hair! ENHANCED COMFORT AND FITThe Ultra-Capless"" inner construction is truly-state-of-the-art. ENHANCED LIGHTNESS AND NATURAL APPEARANCEUnique construction methods make the wigs lighter and more natural ENHANCED MANAGEABILITY AND VERSATILITYUltra LightweightHeadsize: SmallApprox. Weight: 1.90 ozs.Top- 3 1/2""Sides & Back- 2 1/4 - 3""Neckline: 1 3/4""

Petite & Perfect by BT Classic Review

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