Thule Roundtrip Pro



For those of us who aren't pro riders or fortunate enough to have personal soigneurs, team vehicles and team mechanics to take care of the transportation and functionality of our bikes, the pandemonium of traveling to and from races or competitions can tend to steal some of the focus away from the true task at hand; winning. Whether you're a Cat 4 workhorse or a dedicated triathlete, you compete to win, and nothing should hinder that competitive approach. The Thule Round Trip Pro Bike Case combines a rugged nylon exterior with an aluminum rail system, and integrates a repair stand, making it a simple and secure bag to travel with and assemble your bike. The Round Trip Pro features nylon wheel bags to prevent frame to wheel contact during transport and also will provide a safe place for storing wheels around the hotel room or while at the race. A built in fixed fork block anchors your bike in a secure upright position, while the handy little wheels at the bottom of the case make it easy to maneuver through crowded airports. Additionally, the Round Trip Pro has multiple internal pockets for storing small parts, tools and other items, ensuring nothing makes contact with your bike. The Thule Round Trip Pro Bike Case makes the arduous task of traveling with a bike a little less demanding. Specifications : Rugged nylon shell expands around aluminum Click-Rail to protect bike during transportDurable and removable side panels protect the bikeNylon wheel bags prevent frame and wheel contact.Thru axle adapters for 15mm and 20mm axles includedIntegrated bike assembly stand doubles as a convenient bike holder and assembly stand making it easy to assemble and disassemble your bike.Integrated wheels and handles for easy transport and maneuverability.Lightweight and easy to store with folding side panels and collapsible frame.For road, mountain and cyclocross bikes up a 46"" / 116.8 cm wheelbase

Thule Roundtrip Pro Review

I'm looking for some new cargo management from shop Jenson USA. I have in home Thule Roundtrip Pro and it's first-class . I prefer same cargo management from Thule.